What Employers Really Want

By April 5, 2020October 30th, 2020Business, Career Building

A report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows the results of a survey that asked member businesses what qualities they look for in their college graduates.

Want to know what they said?

Well, more than having a high grade point average, employers are looking for people who can tactfully work with a team to solve problems!

And if you consider how most businesses operate, this makes a lot of sense.

Most any business, at its core, exists to provide a solution for a problem. And figuring out effective and efficient ways to support the many issues that arise in the course of doing business, and creating innovative solutions to keep moving forward….well, it all requires problem-solving skills. And the problems most businesses encounter are more complex than the tidy theoretical models learned about in school. Not to knock those. They are a great start.

Now, with a college degree, job candidates are telling hiring managers that they possess the foundational knowledge required to perform the duties of a given position.

A bonus of completing your degree through a competency-based educational institution (like New Charter University) is that, by its very nature, students must demonstrate competence. In our humble opinion, that is more valuable than demonstrating you can sit in a class for a requisite number of weeks. (Just sayin’.)

But just having the degree does not tell the employer how effective you are at creative problem-solving or how well you work in a team.

So, as you are tailoring your resume for that next interview, carefully consider how you might highlight and demonstrate the sought after qualities outlined in the NACE report.

See the REPORT HERE: http://ow.ly/jz5230jl8IW

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