Make a Payment

Online payments can be made easily through the Student Portal.

Terms and Conditions of Payment Plans

Students who sign an authorization of deduction of money from their account, payment on a credit card, or who agree to make payments on specific dates are responsible for the terms of the agreement. In order to make our courses affordable for as many people as possible, payment plans are available for balances that are not covered by other sources.

Changing your Credit Card Information

Any account or credit card updates must be done through a notification to the Accounting Director at

Duration and Conditions of Payment Plan

Payment plans run the duration of the program.  However, the balance must be completely paid, as agreed, by the end of the program.

Payments are to be made each month of the program unless weekly payments are requested by the student.

Unsuccessful Automated Payments (Defaulted Payments)

If a payment defaults, the student will be contacted by the Accounting Director. Several attempts will be made to secure payment through your chosen payment method.  After two weeks of attempted contact with no response, the account in Canvas or devCamp will be suspended until the student responds and makes arrangements for the defaulted payment. If the student does not respond and correct the default within 4 weeks, the student will be withdrawn from the University.

The student will have to reenroll, sign a new enrollment agreement, and a tuition authorization form to return to school after withdrawal.  The student’s account will be turned over to collections if the student continues to not respond to clear up the past due tuition balance.