The Congresses

About the Congresses

 The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is an honors-only event held for America’s high-achieving high school students with a passion for leadership, medicine, science or technology. The Congresses are programs of Bottega University’s National Academy of Future Physicians.

Inspiring the young people at each Congress are luminaries of their fields as well as leaders from government and the public sector. Congress mentors include Nobel Laureates, deans of top universities, leaders in scientific research and cutting-edge technology, as well as leaders from private industry and from across all fields.

Attendees are selected to be Delegates to a Congress based on their interest in entering the medical, scientific, technological, engineering or mathematics fields; their proven academic excellence; and their leadership potential. Each Congress has strict academic achievement standards requiring students to have a GPA of 3.5 or better, or be able to provide verified proof of an ACT score of 22 or an SAT score of 1300, or greater.

Delegates are identified for selection for a Congress by: a teacher, counselor or principal; through academic events, youth organizations, honor societies; from program Alumni; from in-classroom surveys; or as a result of a student’s participation with the College Board’s Student Search Service ®.

Full scholarships are offered to many students who are selected by educators and hundreds of additional scholarships are available for families with financial need.

The purpose of each of the two Congresses is to inspire, motivate, and direct the top students in our country to stay true to their dreams and, after the event, to provide a path, plan, and resources to help them reach their goals.

In addition to their Congress experience, attending Delegates have the opportunity to earn one college credit for an additional cost through Bottega University.

For more information, explore, contact the Academy Admissions Office at 617-307-7425, or email

Congress attendees have the opportunity to earn three (3) college credits for attending the Congress by enrolling in CM113 Analytical and Reflective Communication through Bottega University. 
CM113 Analytical and Reflective Communication – The course is offered to learners participating in extracurricular conferences and focuses on the skillsets of analysis and reflection. Learners’ assignments include research and summarize presenters’ biographies and presentations, produce a ‘visioning’ assignment (e.g., paper, video, illustration, flow diagram) reflecting where they see themselves in their future endeavors, and engage in symposium-style discussions around emerging career fields and professional interests. The three-credit-hour undergraduate course is offered through Bottega University, a nationally accredited institution of higher education.

Credit-seeking students will be enrolled as non-degree-seeking students for one 12-week term that begins following the Congress. Tuition and registration fees for the course are $550. 

Tuitions paid toward this course are subject to the refund policies as authorized by Bottega University’s accreditors as set forth in the College Credit Terms and Conditions. Bottega offers affordable tuition by choosing to not participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs.