Requesting Official Transcripts

To order your Bottega University, New Charter University, or Andrew Jackson University transcript, click the “Order Records” link to Parchment below:

Order Credentials from Parchment
Order Transcripts

Bottega University has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript and other credentials securely. This link will open a new browser.

Applicants: To send your U.S. high school transcript to Bottega, click here…
To order a US High School transcript an applicant can order the transcript through  (See button below)
International Applicants:

Applicants who have completed secondary school or college-level coursework outside of the United States will need their transcripts evaluated by a transcript evaluation service provider. For a list of recognized evaluation services, click here.

International schools that teach in English or that have U.S. accreditation will not need an evaluation.