Associate of Science in Computer Science

The Associate of Science in Computer Science degree program prepares students for entry-level positions in the computing field, with particular emphasis placed on software development. The skills taught include programming logic, object-oriented programming, applications development, database applications, security concepts, and network and computer architecture.

The Associate of Science in Computer Science degree requires completion of twenty-one (21) courses for sixty (60) credits.

Program Objectives

1. Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts and theories of computer science including issues of computability, data organization, binary data manipulation, data storage, and data retrieval.
2. Collaborate with key players to identify user requirements and functionality for development projects.
3. Utilize various problem-solving and critical-thinking techniques to design and develop computer applications.
4. Communicate meaningfully in interpersonal, professional, and industry environments.
5. Apply numeracy and economic reasoning skills in business and industry settings.
6. Function effectively as a member of a team in business and industry environments.
7. Utilize high-level, computer languages that incorporate object-oriented design techniques.
8. Develop complex computer applications to meet consumer specifications.
9. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of concept and theories of computer science.
10. Demonstrate required general education knowledge and skills requisite for an accredited associate degree.

Associate of Science in Computer Science

Course No.Course NamePrerequisitesCredits
BA201Introduction to BusinessNone 3
BA205Principles of ManagementBA201 3
CM101Principles of CommunicationNone 3
CM110Developing Critical Thinking SkillsNone3
CM220Presentation SkillsNone3
CM285Diversity and InclusionNone3
CS100Coding FoundationsNone3
CS110 Introduction to ComputersNone3
CS277 Introduction to Programming in PythonCS1003
CS301Front End Foundations - JavaScriptCS1003
CS382 Database FoundationsCS1003
CS384Python Software DevelopmentCS2773
CS497 Advanced Web Development - ReactCS2773
EN111Composition INone3
EN112Composition IIEN1113
GS150General Biology None3
**NS101New Student OrientationNone1
MA125College Algebra None3
PF101Academic StrategiesNone2
PY141General PsychologyNone3
Total Credits Required 60