Full Stack Development Certificate

The Full Stack Development Certificate program focuses on the use of front-end libraries or frameworks, programming website backend content management, managing deployment and installation on servers, and running SQL queries on databases.  Total 18 semester credit hours.
Technologies studied:
JavaScript               React JS               Python 3               UML
Flask                        SQL Database      JSON                     Git
SCSS/SASS            FlexBox                 CSS Grid               Typescript
MongoDB               HTML5

Potential Job Titles:

Junior Developer, Freelance Developer, Full Stack Developer, Zoho Developer, Software QA Engineer, Software Tester, Software Developer, Support Specialist, Tech Support Specialist, Backend Developer, Front End Developer, App Developer, Associate Software Engineer, etc.

Program Objectives

1. Demonstrate knowledge of advanced concepts and theories of computer science including issues of computability, data organization, binary data manipulation, data storage, and data retrieval.
2. Utilize high-level, computer languages that incorporate object-oriented design techniques.
3. Utilize advanced problem-solving and critical-thinking techniques to design, develop, and use complex computer applications, data analytics systems, and security protocols.
4. Apply advanced numeracy and economic management skills in business and technology industry settings.
The Full Stack Development Certificate (FSDC) requires the successful completion of a capstone project and comprehensive final exam.  The capstone project is your creative effort at software design and is intended to be a portfolio project you can proudly share after graduation from the FSDC Program. Please meet with your full stack instructor or teaching associates for the guidelines for the capstone project. The instructions and rubrics are also available on Bottega’s learning platforms. 
The University Catalog provides additional descriptions of the full stack development coursework, attendance requirements, study plans, and refund policy. 
If you are ready to enroll in the full stack program, click here or email Enroll@Bottega.edu for more information.