Individuals who complete SPCC courses and seek Bottega University academic credit for such courses must be enrolled in the University as students in good standing and meet course and program requirements. Bottega will not charge tuition for the SPCC courses that it recognizes as credit.

Students will be granted admission to Bottega based on academic requirements and upon further satisfaction of all other conditions for admission as stated in the University

Course EquivalentSemester CreditsSophia Courses
BA201 Intro to Business3Introduction to Business
BA205 Principles of Management3Principles of Management
BA271 Macroeconomics3Macroeconomics
BA272 Microeconomics3Microeconomics
BA280 Accounting3Accounting
BA375 Ethical Decision Making3Introduction to Ethics
BA420 Business Law3Business Law
BA425 Finance3Principles of Finance
BA490 Project Management3Project Management
Business Elective3Taking Charge of Your Economic Future
CM101 Principles of Communication3Communication at Work
CM220 Presentation Skills3Public Speaking
CM258 Conflict Management3Conflict Resolution
CM346 Advertising and Promotions3Visual Communication
CM456 Effective Communication Tools3Visual Communications
CS110 Introduction to Computers3Introduction to Information Technology
CS301 Front End Foundations -- Javascript3Introduction to Web Development
CS382 Database Foundations3Introduction to Relational Databases
EN103 Composition3Discover the Writer in You
EN111 Composition I3English Composition I
EN112 Composition II3English Composition II
GS150 General Biology3Human Biology
GS210 Earth Science3Environmental Science
HI171 History Elective 3US History I
HI172 History Elective3US History II
MA125 College Algebra3Introduction to College Mathematics
PF101 Academic Strategies3College Readiness
PF499 Career Strategies3IT Career Exploration
PY141 General Psychology3Introduction to Psychology
SO241 General Sociology3Introduction to Sociology
ST235 General Statistics3Introduction to Statistics