Resume Outline


What is Jobscan?-
Jobscan is an online resume analysis tool that uses artificial intelligence to instantly score how well your resume matches a job description and recommends specific actions for improving your resume. The technology powering Jobscan’s engine is unique as it’s built with a similar algorithm used by resume screeners (Applicant Tracking Systems) that recruiters use to screen candidates. Create an account today to give Jobscan a try!


ATS Template


Enhancv is a user-friendly resume builder that offers hundreds of resume templates and resume examples that can help you come up with a professional resume and cover letter



Cover Letters


There are two different versions of the resume. 

One is more generic with more personality and one is specifically set up for a technical position. Let’s focus on the second one!

For a bit of background, all online recruitment services (Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, etc.) Use an Automated Tracking Service (ATS.) This automation searches out irregular lines, buzzwords, etc. If your resume doesn’t meet these criteria, ATS will automatically kick your resume out of the system and your resume will never be seen.


Take the information in your current resume and insert it into this template. If you have any questions, please contact us.


When you have created your ATS resume, send it to us.