Goal Setting


Setting attainable goals during your career pursuit is essential to the process. Commonly-utilized are “SMART goals”. Below you will find the acronym for what SMART goals are and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.


  • Specific: Try and answer who, what, when, where, why, and/or how.
  • Measurable: A clear metric or result will show you have accomplished it.
  • Attainable: Stretches you just enough, but is still possible
  • Relevant: Connects to your true direction.
  • Timed: A day that it will be accomplished by.
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Goals for Job Searching


  • Create a list of target companies
    • List 10-12 companies that spark your interest or align with your career goals.
  • Keep networking
    • Make it a goal to connect with 1 to 2 people each week for an informal interview.
  • Enlist your army
    • Reach out to your existing network to see if they are able or interested in helping you in your search.
  • Stay busy
    • Get involved in events, volunteer, organize social events, or run for a position on the board of directors! All of this can help with building experience.
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Reach out to careerservices@bottega.edu with any questions or concerns as you begin working on your career goals. Also, we can help hold you accountable!