It is Spring in North America. It is a time when many people do an in-depth cleaning of their homes. For online students, their study space is one place where tidiness can make a big difference in efficiency.

New Charter’s Adam Christian shares some tips for Spring cleaning your workspace. He suggests focusing on 3 areas: the desk, the computer, and the room.

THE DESK: “Make sure it is free of clutter and any supplies you need are readily accessible. Clutter slows us down because it makes it harder to find the things we need, and sometimes distracts us from the task at hand.” Spending a few minutes tidying up can go a long way to making a more efficient use of time.

THE COMPUTER: “Make sure your antivirus is up to date, that you have the latest drivers installed, and that you have essential work backed up to additional storage [such as the cloud]…And make sure that files on your computer are easy to navigate and find.” These steps will be especially helpful as you near the end of your course.

THE ROOM: “The obvious focus is cleanliness. Also, is everything you need within easy reach? [books, printer, cell phone charger, etc.] I want to make sure that if I need something, I do not need to leave my workspace to take care of it.” And since it is a space where you spend a lot of time, he recommends making it an enjoyable space.

For ideas, here are some tips for organizing space on a budget: