Essential Employability Qualities

*Often described as “soft skills”

*Multiple surveys of employers reflect soft skills equal to technical skills

*Natural extensions of program learning outcomes

*Found throughout program to better prepare graduates

*More input from students and alumni

What are EEQs?


Expressing ideas and information coherently and appropriately in a variety of modes; demonstrating competence in engaging with those from different cultural backgrounds.

Thinking & Problem-Solving

Exercising initiative in applying critical thinking skills to identify and address complex work-related problems.


Investigating problems by reviewing, evaluating, verifying, citing, and applying information from multiple sources.


Engaging with teams, working effectively with others, seeking a range of points of views and being willing to modify perspectives.


Approaching new or unfamiliar work-based situations and uncertainty with agility and openness.

Principles & Ethics

Acting equitably and with integrity and honesty with a strong sense of fairness and respect for individuals, groups, and diverse communities.

Responsible & Professional

Carrying out responsibilities consistently, persistently, and reliably; maintaining appropriate confidentiality.


Adopting new tools, technologies, and strategies to work more efficiently to analyze work-based situations and make decisions.

These are qualities that we are measuring in our programs to ensure our students are career prepared.

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