Tuition Announcements

Tuition Adjustment for Bottega University’s FSDC’s 40-week Study Plan

Effective March 1, 2023


     Bottega University’s Full Stack Development Certificate (FSDC) Program appeals to people wanting to learn software development skills and increase their employability in a job market where computer science knowledge matters.
     Bottega University offers three paths for completing the FSDC. Students may pursue certificate completion over 13 weeks, 26 weeks, or 40 weeks. Regardless of the path, the tuition is an affordable $12,000.
     Previously, Bottega offered a lower tuition ($7500) for the 10-month program because it was a mostly independent, asynchronous learning experience requiring fewer touchpoints between students and mentors. We learned that offering “part-time students” full access to the instructional team increased the successful completion of their capstone project and comprehensive exam.
     Effective March 1, 2023, the tuition for all three plans will be $12,000, and the plans will offer full service and learning support for FSDC students regardless of their chosen speed to completion.
     The 13- and 26-week completion plans appeal to students who want to earn their certification more quickly and have the time in their schedules to commit to regular attendance (20-40 hours per week) in full stack courses offered during the day or evening. The 40-week plan stretches out the lessons and works best for students who need more flexibility for reaching learning milestones due to competing priorities in their lives. The 40-week plan is mostly asynchronous with the expectation of at least 15 hours per week dedicated to studies.
     Whichever plan the student chooses, Bottega’s full stack development instructional team provides both synchronous and asynchronous learning support to help them navigate the concepts and master the software development skills necessary for becoming a certified full stack software developer.
      Bottega University’s Board of Directors approved the tuition adjustment for the full-stack development’s 40-week plan of study in December 2022.