Meet Your Instructor: Deryl Gulliford

By May 5, 2020October 30th, 2020Blog

Deryl Gulliford has a long history in healthcare, having begun his career as a Respiratory Therapist and Cardiovascular Perfusionist. “I love science and technology,” he explained, “and I love working with patients, so medicine was a natural connection for me.”

Asked about his time at New Charter University, Deryl responded, “I have been with NCU since 2002, before it was even named NCU! I’ve taught a diversity of management and leadership courses over the years, but my favorite courses to teach are those dealing with healthcare leadership. My own career has focused on managing hospitals and leading a variety of different medical facilities. That continues to be my special interest. I love to see students advancing in their healthcare careers, and that has happened often here at NCU!”

Deryl initially studied at Ohio State University and completed his clinical training at Cleveland Clinic. After earning his MHA degree, he moved into administration, serving as CEO of four different hospitals over the years, in Ohio, Kansas, and Oklahoma. One highlight was his experience in building a completely new hospital in Kansas. “What a learning experience that was, from architecture, design, funding, and construction,” Deryl recalled. “It was a five-year process, resulting in a beautiful new facility for the community of Hugoton, KS. My hospital made the Top 100 Hospitals list of Modern Healthcare magazine.”

Another achievement during Deryl’s career was being elected William Newcomer Healthcare Executive of the Year in 2005 by his peers in healthcare leadership. “It is a full-time job keeping up with healthcare, but that is why it remains interesting for an entire career,” Deryl related. “I am nearing 30 years as CEO, and every year has been interesting and challenging.”

Asked about the COVID-19 virus and the widely varying information relayed by the media and other sources across the United States, Deryl explained, “Right now, the guidance we are receiving to help flatten the curve is exactly right. We must break the chain of virus transmission and allow this pandemic to burn itself out. That happens with all viral epidemics; they are self-limited. But we can all play a role in influencing how much harm they do until the self-limit is reached. Stay home as much as possible; wash hands thoroughly and frequently; wear a good quality mask when leaving the home. And use high-quality hand sanitizer when handwashing is not feasible.” He added, “In terms of boosting personal immunity, there is good evidence that supplementing zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Echinacea all do help!”

When Deryl is not working, he and wife Terrie love to travel. They have visited 22 different nations so far, and every U.S. state except Alaska. Deryl said, “More trips are planned. That is certainly shut down at this time, but we will be back on the road in 2021. We also love to golf and cook out together.” Deryl and Terrie have “three great kids in their 20s, Jacob, Carrie, and Lorrie. And three awesome grandkids, Makina, Eva, and Kendra. I am so fortunate to have this happy, healthy family,” Deryl shared proudly. He said they also have numerous dogs and cats – “too many to name!”

Deryl expressed that students should seriously consider a career in healthcare, saying “The healthcare community is making the most of online learning as a way to earn credentials and advance in the field. So take full advantage of the opportunities there. And you will never be sorry to be in the healthcare profession. The need is great and growing; the aging of America’s baby boomers is driving that and will continue to drive it for the next 30 years. If you want a job you will love and continue to love, pick healthcare!”

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