College Of Business

Programs in the College of Business encompass a wide range of focus areas in business and communication from which students may select a major.
Based on proven strategies and techniques of our experienced faculty and staff, the curricula of the College of Business provide immediately applicable skills and knowledge for serious adult learners. Courses incorporate time-tested business basics that can be applied immediately in the competitive world of business. Potential Occupational Titles include but are not limited to, general manager, operations manager, administrative services manager, sales manager, sole proprietor, marketing manager, human resources representative, programming developer, website administrator, IT manager, advertising manager, information manager, bookkeeping clerk, retail manager, network administrator, and finance manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2019), the median pay in the United States is $85,260 for business management with a bachelor’s degree and a job outlook for 2019-2029 of 11% growth per year. For computer and information technology, the median pay is $88,240 for Bachelor’s degrees with an 11% increase annually in the job outlook for 2019-2029. With a cybersecurity emphasis, the job outlook increases to 31% during the years 2019-2029. For Master’s degrees, the median pay for both ranged from $15,000 to $20,000 more than a Bachelor’s degree.