Apprenticeships & Internships

For Students

Steps for Students:

  1. The student fills out the application with his/her local DWS office and states they are working with Bottega to the DWS team.
  2. The student is approved by DWS.
  3. The student informs the school once approved. The student submits to the school his/her copy of a valid government ID and has sent to the school the official copy of his/her high school diploma or GED.
  4. Once the documents are received, the school prepares an ETA671 for the student to sign and a packet of regulation information about apprenticeships.
  5. The student is matched with an employer.
  6. Every apprentice is required to participate in related instruction in technical subjects related to the occupation.
  7. Apprentices must be assigned a mentor at the site.
  8. Every applicant selected must serve a probationary period of 25% or 3 months.
  9. Apprentices must be paid a progressively increasing schedule of wages.
  10. Apprentices agree to serve a one-year apprenticeship.

For Employers

Steps for Employers:

  1. Employers contact or are contacted by our Career Services Team.
  2. Employer expresses interest in one of our approved programs for DWS.
  3. Employer signs an Appendix D and resource guide.
  4. Employer paperwork is signed by Bottega and submitted to the Department of Labor.
  5. Employer is approved.
  6. Employer interviews candidates and hires an apprentice(s).

Resources for Employers:


Contact for more information.

Internship Guidelines

Internship and Freelance Guidelines

Have you considered an internship or freelance work?

Internships and freelance work are a solution to:

*Gain Experience

*Build Confidence

*Solidify/Build Upon and Expand Skill Set

*Build Network Exposure

*Actively Engage and Connect to Community

For the Employer, it is also a win-win situation.

*Flexible in duration, Full time or Part time

*Visibility of skill set reducing anxiety

*Creative solutions for all budgets

*Become part of the Bottega family and have access to Bottega Teaching Assistants and partnerships

If interested, please email